Friday, August 17, 2018

Should You Rent, Or Buy?: The 3 C's

Many people are confronted, by the need, to make a decision, whether they should, buy, a home of their own, or, rather, rent a place, to live. We often state, owning a home, is the American Dream, but, unless/ until, we make our decisions, wisely, we might risk, the dream, becoming, more of a nightmare, than dream! Therefore, this article will briefly discuss, examine, and review, the so - called, 3 C's, of making the best personal decision, in this manner. 

1. Cash reserves: Before one buys, he must put together, significant cash reserves, so as to do so, wisely, and with far less stress! Not only is this essential, in terms of putting down a down - payment, and qualifying for a mortgage, but also, preparing for the potential necessary repairs, maintenance, renovation, and/ or any other obstacle, thrust in the face, of a homeowner. On the other hand, renters have a far more predictable, scenario, and potentially, less stress! Examine your personal situation, needs, wants, and priorities, and make the best decision, for you, and your needs, and goals!

2. Credit Rating: In order to obtain the best possible mortgage, if/ when you buy a home, you must pay keen attention, to creating, and maintaining the finest possible, credit rating. Before beginning your home hunting quest, obtain a copy of your credit report, and pay keen attention, to improving it. Avoid making costly mistakes, and if you decide to purchase, avoid taking out, any new credit, or borrowing, in the 6 months, or so, prior to seeking the mortgage. Become credit savvy!

3. Comfort zone: Each individual is different, and different things/ factors make some far more comfortable owning, while others are more comfortable, renting! Know your comfort zone, and act wisely, so you balance, comfort, with your needs, goals, and family situation!

Use the 3 C's, to help you determine, if renting, or buying, is best, for you! A wise, prepared person, acts wisest, in this regard!

Surviving In The Age Of TRUMP

Whether one is a supporter, or detractor, of President Donald Trump, most agree, we are witnessing a period, in American history, unlike any other, in recent memory! While his supporters, seem enthusiastic, and happy about this, many others, appear threatened, and disturbed! I have never observed, so much, daily attention, paid on the behavior, and articulations of any leader, and most public opinion polls, seem to indicate, we are at a record - high, in terms of the consistent unease of much of our citizens. With that in mind, this article will attempt to review, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, much of what this means, and represents, and some possibilities, in terms of surviving, in this age of TRUMP.

1. Take time; timely; trends: Take a deep breath! Take the time, to fully consider, the difference between empty rhetoric and promises, as well as vitriol, and playing politics, as opposed to concerning policies, etc! Are the ideas timely, or merely blaming and complaining, about the past! Know the trends, and seek the finest, most relevant, sustainable, viable approach, and solutions!

2. Relevant; relax; responsive; reasoning: Introduce relevant alternatives to policies you feel are detrimental, and/ or, wrong, and do, so, in a relaxed, calm way, which is responsive, to the true needs, of the nation! Don't just complain about what you don't like, but demand your finest reasoning, and articulate a positive, relevant, sustainable manner!

3.  Useful; usable; urgent: Oppose what's wrong, with useful alternatives and options! Your approach must be usable, and you must display, and articulate a compelling, alternative message, which becomes an urgent, positive, call - to - action!

4. Make mark; mention; motivations: Simply complaining, achieves little, nor helps make things better! Seek to make your mark, for the better, by mentioning, how, when we work together, for the common good, we are all motivated, to enhance, and build upon, those freedoms and liberties, many feel, are being challenged, today!

5. Planning; priorities; perceptions: Don't seek to merely, survive, but rather, how to effectively, make America better! This requires much thought, and effective planning, so all our perceptions, focus on ways, we can, rather than what we are witnessing!

Making America Great Again, must mean, better understanding what has always distinguished us, in the past! It's up, to each, and every, one of us!

Leaders LISTEN Before They Talk

Although, for most, their favorite sound, is the sound of their own voice, in order to become a real leader, one must commit to consistently, effectively LISTEN, before they talk! This is often, quite a bit more difficult, and/ or, challenging, than it might seem and appear, because it is contrary to much, of our day - to - day, human nature. This important behavior requires proceeding, with a high degree of commitment, and discipline, and the understanding, no one, knows - it - all, or has all the answers. How can anyone, fully understand, the perceptions, and priorities, of those one serves, unless/ until, he proceeds, accordingly? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, examine, consider, and review, using the mnemonic approach, some of what makes this, such an essential, core component of meaningful, effective leadership.

1. Learn; leadership; lessons: One only listens, effectively, when the objective is, truly learning, from every experience, and conversation, and try to make a quality difference, for the better! This is a core component of real leadership, and when one learns, relevant lessons, he begins to become a better leader!

2. Ideas; ideology; integrity; imagination: True leaders introduce ideas, which inspire and motivate constituents, and align with the ideology, of the organization! This must be combined with absolute integrity, and the imagination, to go beyond, the ordinary, and/ or, same - old, same - old!

3. Serves; system; sustainable solutions: Every leader must understand, who he serves, and proceed, accordingly. He must conceive and perceive of, create, and implement, the best system, focused on creating sustainable solutions!

4. Timely: If the focus is on the past, you aren't leading! Great leaders avoid backward - thinking, same - old,. same - old, ways, as well as realizing, they must avoid procrastination, and be ready, willing and able to make well - considered, timely actions, based on quality, and relevance!

5. Empathy; emphasis; energize; excellence: In order to proceed, with the utmost excellence, he must place his emphasis, on proceeding, with genuine empathy, and a desire to energize others, toward the common good!

6. Needs: Effective leaders emphasize needs, of the organization, and constituents, they serve, and represent!

Are you fit to be a leader? Will you LISTEN, before you talk?

Why Are You Fit To LEAD?

You believe strongly in the heritage, mission, beliefs, and vision/ purpose, of a particular organization, so much so, you want to serve in a leadership position. While groups need individuals, who are ready, willing, and able, to serve, and do so, with the utmost commitment, it's important to first, introspectively, and objectively, examine your reasons for wanting to do so, and whether, you are fit to LEAD! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, examine, consider, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it's such a key, core component, and principle, of becoming a true leader.

1. Listen; learn; leadership: No one, no matter how committed, trained, qualified, and otherwise, ready to serve as a leader, has all the answers, and must never believe he does! True leadership begins with the ability and willingness to focus more on effectively listening, to others, in order to discover their perceptions, and priorities, and learn, from every conversation, and experience. Once this is one's attitude, and practice, he becomes more qualified, for meaningful leadership!

2. Empathy; emphasis; energy; excellence; endurance: When one focuses, as above, he becomes capable of consistently proceeding with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! He, then, places his emphasis, and most of his energy, on proceeding with a dedication, to his utmost degree of personal excellence! When this is combined, with focus, and endurance, he becomes more fit, to lead, and make a difference, for the better!

3. Attitude; attention; aptitude; articulate; agreement: True leaders possess a genuine, positive, can - do, attitude, combined with a willingness to pay keen attention, to what, the strengths and weaknesses, of the group, might be! Combining that with a well - developed, quality aptitude, and a willingness, readiness, and ability to clearly articulate a motivating, inspiring message, his focus becomes on creating agreement, for the common good!

4. Delve deeply; deliver; dedication; deserve: Those, fit to lead, delve deeply into options and alternatives, and deliver, their best possible commitment, and service! This requires true dedication, and only, then, will the individual, deserve, and earn, the respect of others!

Will you be fit to LEAD, and make a difference, for the better? Are you, up to the task?

Thursday, August 16, 2018

3 Professionals, Smart Homeowners Must Trust & Count On

Since, for most people, their house, represents, not only the fulfillment of a key component, of the American Dream, but, also, their single - biggest, financial asset, doesn't it make sense, to proceed, as a homeowner, in the most prepared way, and be ready, for any obstacles and challenges? While a minority of individuals, possess the technical skills, abilities, and expertise, to analyze, recognize, and be capable of repairing systems, etc, which need attention, most, do not have these skills, etc! Therefore, a wise homeowner, asks around, and seeks, in advance, a small panel of quality technicians, and crafts - people, who can repair issues, while they are challenges, before they become problematic! With that in mind, this article will discuss, 3 of these.

1. Electrician: Every house, at one point, or another, requires the services of a professional, electrician! This person must be reliable, honorable, capable, and avoid, making issues, out of minor challenges, as well as recognizing true problems, from the onset! Using the wrong person, not only risks being dangerous, but, also, creates unnecessary stresses, and tensions. Before buying a house, have a qualified individual, check all the sockets, outlets, lights, electrical circuit box, etc, so as to reduce major problems!

2. Plumber: Plumbing issues, include: toilets, sinks, hot water tanks, water pipes, clogs, etc. It's important to have someone, who not only has the necessary skills, but is also, reliable, dependable, and fair/ honest. Ask your neighbors, etc, who they use, and whether they would recommend these individuals, and why!

3. Handyman: Having someone, who is capable of taking care of issues, as they arrive, in a wide variety of areas/ skills, is a smart approach, to home ownership! One's handyman should be responsible, responsive, skilled, and reliable, as well as fair and honorable! Holes in walls, minor repairs, small renovations and changes, etc, are needed, and necessary, for enjoying a home.

Homeowners, who are best prepared, become the happiest, and least stressed! Will you be ready, to own a home, of your own?

Why Public Leaders Must Earn Our RESPECT?

Far too often, we observe individuals, who are public officials, who appear, to believe, they deserve respect and admiration, solely because of the position, they hold. However, we live in a democracy and republic, not a totalitarian nation, and, thus, our elected officials, should, and must, earn our RESPECT, not by their empty promises, rhetoric, vitriol, etc, but, rather by their actions, and intentions (both actual, and perceived). With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, why this matters, and what it means, using the mnemonic approach.

1. Relevant; responsive; responsible; realistic: We seem to be living in a somewhat, surreal time, when our President, seems to believe, he is, either above the law, or doesn't need to serve and represent all the people! Many, including me, refer to this, as "Trump World," because it often, seems, Donald Trump, pays little heed, to telling the truth, if it doesn't support his personal/ political agenda, and/ or self - interest. Calling the media, Fake News, and the Enemy of the People, appears to be counter, to the basic, American principle, of Freedom of the Press. His Make America Great Again, seems to focus on the past, rather than pursuing, relevant, responsive, responsible, realistic, and/ or sustainable solutions, and he focuses, on his core supporters, rather than the common good!

2. Empathy; emphasis: Even his greatest supporters, would probably not proclaim, President Trump, possesses, or proceeds with genuine empathy! To earn the respect of most, one should focus on the common good, and needs, rather than placing his emphasis, solely on the perceptions of his core!

3. System; service; sustainable solutions: How can anyone earn respect, unless he clearly articulates, a well - considered, system, and focuses on service, to nation, and all its citizens? There can be no place, for band - aid approaches, but, we need, leaders who consider, and introduce, the finest, sustainable solutions!

4. Priorities; planning: Closely examine, a leader's priorities, and focus! Does he, merely use empty rhetoric, and make promises, or does he commit to the utmost level, of quality planning?

5. Efforts; energize: How one focuses his efforts, goes a long way, towards whether it energizes the nation, in a positive manner?

6. Character; creative: We need public leaders, who exhibit the finest character, focused on service, and the public good! Rather than merely looking at the same - old, same - old, we need individuals, who proceed, in a creative, fully considered, focused way!

7. Timely: There is no place for procrastination, but a public official, must seek to provide, well - considered, timely ideas, strategies, and action plans!

Don't go back, to the past, but demand, officials, focus on relevant, sustainable ideas, and solutions! Wake up, America, and demand, those seeking office, go beyond empty promises, but seek quality solutions!

Why Real Leaders Make Others Feel They BELONG?

A positive, can - do, attitude, and a well - developed, skill - set, and relevant aptitude, are certainly, necessities, of effectively leading. However, these alone, will often, be less, than sufficient, unless/ until, a leader focuses on those he serves, inspires, and motivates, them, proceeds with genuine empathy, and consistently, does all he can, to clearly show his constituents (each and every one), how, and why, they BELONG. A reality of organizations, is, for them, to proceed to exist, in a relevant, sustainable manner, is, consistent, persistent growth, which is only possible, when existing constituents, are inspired to getting further involved and committed, and potential ones, are convinced, belonging to this group, is worthwhile, and beneficial! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, and consider, using the mnemonic approach, why this matters.

1. Benefits; beliefs; believable; bring it: A leader must articulate, clearly, the benefits of belonging to the specific organization, rather than merely some of the history, heritage, etc. How do the beliefs of the potential constituent, match - up, with the core principles, of the group? Is the leader believable, because, unless, others, believe in him, they will generally, pay little attention? A true leader realizes, he must bring it (his best), every day, in every way!

2. Efforts; empathy; emphasis; energize: How will others perceive your efforts? Will you proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy, so as to emphasize, what means the most, do them, and, thus, energize them, and the group, as a whole?

3. Listen; learn; leadership: To most of us, the sound, of our own voice, seems to be our favorite sound! However, effective leadership comes from the discipline, to listen far more than speaking, and do so effectively, in order to constantly, and consistently, learn, from every conversation and experience!

4. Options; opportunities; organized: Only when one considers various, viable options and alternatives, with an open - mind, will he positioned, to recognize, and take advantage of the finest opportunities, to benefit the group! It requires being organized, enough, to effectively, and efficiently, make a difference, for the better, in a well - considered, timely manner!

5. Needs: Nothing one does, will inspire and motivate others, until/ unless, it focuses on the actual, as well as perceived, needs, of the stakeholders, and organization!

6. Generate goodwill; growth: Groups either, consistently undergo, relevant growth, or they will fail to be sustainable! It's essential to proceed, at all times, in a way, which generates goodwill, by clearly focusing on the best interests, and common good, rather than any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self - interest!

True leaders show others, they BELONG! Are you the right person, to be a leader?